About us

who are we?

We are a team of dedicated people who believe that flags and printed fabrics don't have to be made in low-wage countries.

We produce our flags here in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and we are proud that our beliefs are proven right!


Easy said. Low margins, high efficiency and pure sweat.

What is also important is the truth about our Dutch culture: we don't like paying too much. We do everything we can to keep our costs low, so that you pay less!

the people that make it happen

Nick van Gelder nick@intervlag.nl
Mick van Leeuwen
Robbert van der Eem robbert@intervlag.nl
Glenn Godvliet glenn@intervlag.nl

Teamleader sales

Tim Schoonheijm tim@intervlag.nl
Michael van den Bos michael@intervlag.nl
Sandra Strobl
Iris van Vlaardingen iris@intervlag.nl
Luc Louwman
Tim Bouwman
Julien Tol
Alex Kop Jansen
Stefania Olteanu
Alona Osipenko
Natasha Flanegin
Katja Aleksyeyeva
Natallia Hancharova
Marina van der Hart
Maria Tsoumpa